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Thank you to everyone who attended a clinic in 2009 - Please follow this LINK and provide us with some feed back on the the clinic you attended.

2010 Provincial R.I.C. contract information is now posted. Please follow the link on the Left.
Sorry about the delay. Life got in the way.

New Equipment Enforcement Policy
This will be in force for the 2009 Minor Season. Click Here

New Technical Bulletin from the CLA on Helmets and Masks. Click Here

Cornwall is in need of referees for the Sonny Herrington tournament.
June 18  21 with 48 teams
Tyke to Midget B/C
Intermediate Open
Enjoy a summers weekend along the shores of the St. Lawrence. Consume a little Lancaster perch and be part of the lacrosse history at the Si Miller Arena.

Contact your Zone RIC - Follow the link on the Left

Offense / Defense ....

A little bit of Clairification:

We are now in the second year of the CLA's focus on Offense/Defense in Minor Lacrosse. The key point to remember this year is that there is NO Warning for the first (1st) offense.
There are only two steps:

1st Offense: 2 min Bench Minor recorded on the sheet as BM-OD
2nd Offense: Gross Miscondust to the Coach. Recorded as 2 Min Minor (served by any player) and Gross OD in the penalty field. The Coach is ejected. You have to fill out an SIR and submit that with your game Sheet. The OLA will deal with the rest.

Remember that Offense / Defense is defined as:
A situation where the kids are playing only one half of the floor. Where there are players sub'ing off each time possession is gained or lost. Where kids are not playing 'both ways'

This action does not prevent line changes, or 'special teams' (Power Play/Short Man, Draw Line) but is does prevent defensive or offensive specialists. It is intended to create well rounded players who can patricipate in the entire game.
You have to notice this happening more than 'once', it is an intentional coaching tactic.

Questions? - Post them in the Forums.

Selected items from the CLA Points of Emphasis

These were given to us for the Board guys to focus on, but we can all learn from the situations, here are the items that can just as easily occur in Minor and cause confusion.

SITUATION 2  Rule 11b

? - Does a player who has lost his/her helmet and has a breakaway have to pass or shoot immediately?

A - NO. Play is stopped immediately and the player is replaced with no change in possession or the 30-second clock unless a penalty is to be called on the stoppage.


NOTE: Players shall not be allowed to wear jewellery (e.g. rings, earrings, chains). Players wearing jewellery shall be assessed a two-minute minor and a game misconduct penalty.


(c) Except for the purposes of defending against a penalty shot any substitute goalkeeper entering the game for the first time shall be permitted a warm-up not exceeding two minutes and must remain in the crease until play resumes.


Only during a stoppage in the play may a team ask to exchange their Goalkeepers for the first time.

Rule 16 C would apply.
Situation 1 - A Goalkeeper makes a save and the play has not stopped by a Referees Whistle team A asks to replace their Goalkeeper.
Answer - Do not allow the exchange at this time they may only exchange the Goalkeeper on the fly.

Situation 2 - A Goalkeeper makes a save and the play has stopped by a Referees Whistle due to the ball being lodged in the stick or Equipment or due to an injured Goalkeeper. Team A asks to replace their Goalkeeper.
Answer - Rule 16 c would apply here. Allow the exchange and up to 2-minutes for a warm-up.


? - Does the referee's control of the game extend to the spectators?

A - Yes, where deemed necessary, the referee may suspend play until the home team has removed an abusive spectator.


Play shall not be stopped nor the game delayed for adjustments to equipment or sticks. However, the goalkeeper, after a stoppage in play, with permission of the Referee, may make adjustments or repairs to his/her equipment or stick.
Note: players may go their benches on these stoppages. There is nothing in the Rulebook that says they cannot go to their benches.


A penalty shot has been awarded to A-1.
Place the offending player B-2 in the penalty bench and put 2-minutes on the clock for B-2.

2-minutes has been deducted from the Check from Behind due to the awarding of the penalty shot.

If the player A-1 that was awarded the penalty shot scores on the shot B-2 is released from the Penalty Bench.
If the player A-1 that was awarded the penalty shot does not score on the shot B-2 remains in the Penalty Bench for his 2-minute penalty.


SITUATION 7  Rule 39f

? - What is the call when a player cuts through his/her opponents crease to:
Check the ball carrier?
A - Assess a minor penalty if the ball-carrier is within the dotted line.

Gain distinct advantage to recover a loose ball?
A i - If the ball is outside the dotted line to the end boards extended there is not advantage, play on.
A ii - Award possession if the ball is inside the dotted line to the end boards extended. Otherwise, there is no distinct advantage gained and no change of possession is called.

Referee Clinic Dates and Location details:

Too Late, they are over, You have missed them for this year. Contact Peter Flook for details on a potential Make up Clinic.

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